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Teenage Brain

During adolescence there is a lot of growing and changing that goes on inside the brain. Connections are being made between different brain parts, slowly and over time. This can affect the way teenagers think and react about things, their impulses and likes and dislikes. 

Use the links below to find trusted support on this topic.  Additionally, encourage your child to use the Health Topic pages for their relevant age group here on Teen Health.  They can find more information and resources to support them.

Understanding Your Teenager’s Brain 

Free training programme for Leicestershire and Rutland 

In Our Place have created a fantastic training course for adults to understand their teenager’s brains better. This course is free for anyone with a Leicestershire or Rutland postcode. 

Click on the link below and find the blue box that says Free For Me? You will need to enter a valid email address and your postcode. This will bring up the title 'sponsored by the Leicestershire Partnership Trust' with a + next to it. Click on the + and then click Get Started. You will need to enter some information about yourself and create a password. This will then open your dashboard. Select Course Library from the top toolbar.  Search for understanding your teenager’s brain.   

There are many other courses you might be interested in as well as two course for young people.

Access the programme

For further support and information... 

These links take you to other websites or services that are not provided by Teen Health. The pages have been selected to give you more information on this topic area. They will open another tab in your browser.   
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Coping with your Teenager

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Support for you as a parent or carer

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BBC Radio 4

The teenage brain: Seven things parents should know about adolescent behaviour

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Tellmi is a safe, anonymous app for young people where they can talk about absolutely anything

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Teen Health

Use the link on this page to contact Teen Health 

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Family Hubs Leicestershire

Family hubs support families, children and young people across Leicestershire.

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