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As children get older their body goes through some changes known as puberty. Puberty is a little different for everyone but what happens is different depending on whether you are male or female. 

It can start from 8 years old but often it’ll start later. To start puberty, your body will produce hormones, these hormones can also affect how you’re feeling. 

Usually, changes in your body will continue for a few years after you start puberty, and most people will finish by the time they are 18. 

Sometimes it can feel confusing, stressful or embarrassing, but remember you’re not alone. 

Did You Know?
Most people grow pubic and body hair. square Myth or fact?

Fact — Most people grow pubic and body hair, and some people grow more hair than others. You can decide whether to remove your pubic or body hair, it’s your decision on what feels right for you, and no one should pressure you to either remove it or leave it. 

You might compare yourself to friends. square Myth or fact?

Fact — Comparing yourself to your friends is normal sometimes but it’s important to remember puberty is an individual journey and your body will develop at its own pace. 

You might get crushes. square Myth or fact?

Fact — Having a crush on someone can be a normal part of puberty and growing up. A crush is when you feel strongly attracted to someone and you might think about them a lot and imagine being together or having a relationship with them. 

You might get mood swings. square True
or false?

Fact — Mood swings are a normal part of puberty. You might feel like you can’t control your feelings. You might feel happy and positive one moment and then grumpy and tearful the next. 

Your body shape changes square Myth or fact?

Fact — One of the first things you might notice during puberty is that your body shape starts to change. Girls will start to develop breasts and your hips will grow rounder. It’s normal to put on weight and grow taller during puberty. 

Spots and acne are common. square Myth or fact?

Fact — It’s normal to get spots and blackheads during puberty and you might get acne. Spots and acne are caused by your hormones, not by being dirty or not washing. Your hormones might make you sweat more too. 

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