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Puberty involves many changes to an individual’s body. These changes help the body to grow. The puberty process and what happens to the body is different depending on the gender of your child.  This may be more difficult if your young person is experiencing gender identity challenges.

Puberty is both an exciting yet potentially challenging time in life. It is that bridge between being a child and becoming a young adult. It is also something every person goes through and is a different experience for everyone.

It isn’t just the physical changes. You will notice that your child will experience many emotional and social changes as well. This is because both the body and brain experience puberty.  

Puberty can start from the age of 8 years old but can also start later on. The puberty experience will finish by 18 years old for most. This is why it is important to know the right time to start having conversations around puberty and growing. Knowing what changes are coming and how to handle them, can ensure they feel more prepared.  

Talking to your child about puberty can be challenging and confusing. Children would appreciate having a conversation with an adult they trust, who can let them know how their bodies will change as they get older.

Use the links below to find trusted support on this topic.  Additionally, encourage your child to use the Health Topic pages for their relevant age group here on Teen Health.  They can find more information and resources to support them.

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