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Gaming can be a great way to connect with friends, switch off from a day at school or just be a hobby. If enjoyed positively, then gaming can achieve all these things.

However, sometimes gaming may get in the way of other things such as good sleep, speaking to people in person and completing tasks such as school work. Like with many things, if balanced well with other things in life then gaming can be positive experience.  

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Top tips for managing gaming time:  

  1. Get any work done BEFORE gaming. If you need to pack your lunch for the next day, complete homework or tidy your room; do it BEFORE you sit down to start gaming. 
  1. Keep an eye on the clock. Many young people enjoy gaming in the evenings however that can sometimes eat into their sleep time. So set an alarm so you know when you need to be shutting your computer or console off for the night.  
  1. Take active breaks. If you find yourself having been sat in the same position for too long or you are starting to get more frustrated with gaming, then it may be time for a break. Go outside, see some friends for a bit or take a walk. 
  2. Ask for your parents/carers for support. They can give you reminders about the amount of time you have been gaming or set limits on the internet connection in your house.

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