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First Job

Reasons to get a job: 

  1. You can earn your own money. 
  2. Feel more independent. 
  3. Learn new skills. 
  4. Meet new people. 
  5. Improve your confidence. 
  6. Get experience for the future.  

Getting a job can be a great way to build skills and experience, as well as earning your own money and improving your confidence.  You can work part time from 13 years old and it can mean being responsible and giving up some of your free time.  There are laws in place on how many hours children and young people can work during term times, and this helps to focus on education while allowing you to work.  Also, there are laws in place to keep you safe such as clear places where you cannot work like factories. 

You don’t need to decide these things by yourself, you can speak to an adult you trust.

For further support and information... 

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