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Exploitation and Grooming

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Grooming happens when someone builds trust with you over time.  They may then get you to do something illegal or sexual.  

It could be someone older or someone the same age, it could be a stranger or someone you already know.  Because of this is can be tricky to recognise when exploitation or grooming is taking place. 

At first they may make you feel safe and supported. They may buy you things such as clothes, food or gifts. They could offer you drugs or alcohol. 

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The person could then start to make threats such as saying they will tell your parents/carers things you would not want them to know, unless you do something for them. You may feel uncomfortable or unsafe with what they are asking you to do.  

Anyone can experience exploitation or grooming, it isn’t confined to one type of person. It could be face to face or online.  If you have experienced grooming or know someone that has, it is important to talk to someone you trust. 

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