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Depression - Feeling Down

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No one will ever go through life without feeling sad or low. Different emotions are part of life and learning to navigate difficult circumstances and emotions are a skill we continue to learn as we grow.

As a parent/carer it can be worrying to see your child experiencing negative emotions and feeling low. It is important to remember that it is normal for young people to feel low at times. You can support your young person by listening and having open conversations with them about the issues that are worrying them. They may not always feel able to discuss their problems with you but by keeping communication open you are ensuring they know where to go for support when they need it.

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Being depressed is different to simply feeling down. Feeling depressed is a sadness or low mood that doesn't go away. These emotions could make a young person more grumpy and irritable then usual or unable to enjoy the things they've previously liked.

Help your child by giving them support, listening to them, working through strategies to help them cope and facilitating them to get professional support if needed.  

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Please don’t neglect your own mental health.

Supporting someone else with their mental health can be a lot to absorb and can be tiring. You may also be experiencing your own struggles as well.

Take time to check-in with yourself and how the situations around you are affecting your mental health. It is okay to ask for support for yourself should you need it.  

Use the links below to find trusted support on this topic.  Additionally, encourage your child to use the Health Topic pages for their relevant age group here on Teen Health.  They can find more information and resources to support them.

For further support and information... 

These links take you to other websites or services that are not provided by Teen Health. The pages have been selected to give you more information on this topic area. They will open another tab in your browser.   
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