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Anxiety is when we feel uneasy, worried or afraid, and this can be mild or severe. Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life. For example, you might feel worried and anxious about an exam or speaking to someone new. During these times, feeling anxious can be perfectly normal. Sometimes people can find it hard to control their worries and their feelings of anxiety can affect their daily lives.  

If you’re feeling anxious a lot more of the time and it’s affecting your daily life, speak to someone you trust or Teen Health and ask for help. 

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''It’s okay to be brave and afraid at the same time. ''

''You are bigger than whatever is making you anxious. ''

Remember breathing exercises can reduce your anxiety.

Try this Square Breathing activity:

  • Breathe in for the count of 4
  • Hold for the count of 4
  • Breathe out for the count of 4
  • Hold for the count of 4
  • Repeat until you feel calm
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How to Cope with anxiety / childline

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