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Anger is a feeling that can be strong and uncomfortable.  However, it is a normal emotion, and everyone feels it.  If you feel angry and can’t control it, it can be scary and uncomfortable. 

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Talking about Anger

There are many healthy ways that we can learn to manage our emotions. 

A way to manage your anger is to understand the reasons behind it and to know the tools that you can use when you need to make yourself feel better. Another way to manage anger is having a positive adult, friend or person around you to support you.

If you’re feeling angry and you are struggling to control it, speak to someone you trust or contact Teen Health to ask for support.  

You may feel angry because of things that have happened to you.  If someone is hurting you, talk to an adult you trust.

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Did you know?

Anger is always the second emotion. You will always feel something else first-maybe frustration, or shame, or sadness, or betrayal. Sometimes we jump straight over those emotions and go straight to anger.  

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Anger is a helpful emotion to feel. It tells us that we aren’t happy about something. We can ask ourselves:

  • Why am I feeling angry about this?
  • What am I also feeling?
  • How do I want to deal with it positively?
  • What do I need to do to sort out this feeling?

When we begin to ask ourselves those questions, we start to understand our anger. We start to learn about the feelings we are REALLY feeling, beneath the angry surface.

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